Counter Strike

Counter Strike
  • Chazza

    Charles Benson

    I'm Chazza, I'm 20 and I'm the TD CS:GO manager and coach. I joined Descend in January 2017 when I brought myself and our current CS:GO squad under the organisation. We have currently competed at two LANs for TD and plan to attend lots more. I am heavily involved with team practice, training, scheduling and organisation. ...Read More

  • MontSta^

    Lewis Monty

    sick @ awp...Read More

  • 5haBo

    Shane Borlase

    Played CS for many years....Read More

  • Kai^

    Ryan Gibbs

    I play cs and eat a stupid amount of food....Read More

  • y0

    Aidan Holloway

    Im y0 and im one of the riflers for the TD csgo team....Read More